After two years you will have a review with your caseworker to talk about what happens next. You have a range of options. You can decide to graduate, at which point we will carry out a managed match closure and you will join our network of Friendship Works alumni mentors.

Our alumni often continue to support us in a number of ways, such as coming to our events, fundraising on our behalf, or becoming a Friendship Works ambassador.

Some mentors decide that they would like to continue with their mentoring, in which case you will carry on as normal with outings and regular supervision, plus a review once a year until either the match comes to a natural close, or until the young person you support turns 18.

If you have been matched for two years by the time your mentee turns 18, you can choose to become ‘lifelong friends’. This means you are free to continue your friendship without any further official supervision and support from Friendship Works, although we find that many volunteers and young people do keep in touch regularly or arrange to catch up with their caseworker at certain points over the year.