Our services

Friendship Works is a mentoring service for children and young people. The service is part of the national charity Family Action.

We have been working in Islington since 1977 and in Camden since 1983. The majority of the children we support live in these boroughs, but we do work in other areas of London.

We recruit and train adult volunteer mentors who meet with a child most weekends for a few hours, over a period of two years. With a mentor, children are given extra support in order to get more out of childhood, explore their potential, and build the resilience they need to overcome adversity now and in the future.

We work with children who need:

  • friendship and positive social interaction
  • more self-confidence
  • quality one to one time with a trusted adult who is a positive role model
  • social opportunities when they may be isolated at home or school
  • opportunities for free play and fun
  • a positive view of themselves and an identity which is respected
  • someone to listen, give them encouragement and value them as they are
  • access to the same opportunities and experiences as other children their age
  • the chance to explore new interests and develop life-skills.

We assess the individual needs of each child to provide them with the right mentor. Our child-focused matching process is key to our success, as is the long-term, face-to-face and consistent nature of our mentoring services. We know that it takes time to build a friendship and really make a lasting difference to a child’s life.

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