Tim's story


Tim has been volunteering as a mentor with Friendship Works for eight months.

“Craig and I have been matched for around eight months now and it’s been extremely rewarding to see our relationship and Craig’s personality flourish in that time. Now Craig feels like a real mate of mine who I can have fun with as easily as I can help give him advice with any difficulties.

“Typically we enjoy hanging out and doing simple things, whether that’s going out for a hot chocolate and chatting about computer games or playing cards and sports, where Craig’s amazing competitive streak shines through.

“The most satisfying part of spending time with Craig has been watching him develop into a responsible young adult. Since I’ve been seeing him he’s grown in confidence and improved his school performance, to the point where it now looks like he’ll stay on for sixth form when this was once a doubt.

“Hearing that his Mum puts a lot of this development down to the time Craig has spent with me really puts into perspective how effective a Friendship Works mentoring partnership can be.”