Celebrating Friendships – with our CEO, Mayor of Camden and a massive snake!

Celebration event snakeOn Friday 17 June, we held our annual Friendship Works celebration event, to celebrate the friendships between our mentors and mentees.  This year had added significance in that it was the first held since the merger between Friendship Works and Family Action and was the chance for our larger family to witness what makes these relationships so special. 

We welcomed 60 of our mentors and mentees, along with the Mayor of Camden, Nadia Shah and CEO of Family Action, David Holmes.

At this annual event we celebrate the friendships between our “matches” with friendships ranging from 6 months to 5 years.  This is just one event in a year of activities – our mentors and mentees meet for a few hours nearly every weekend and this celebration demonstrated just how important these friendships are to both sides. 

Guests enjoyed a photo-booth, drawing wall, quiz and reptile petting zoo with snakes and lizards.  There was also a video room where mentors and mentees had the chance to tell us about their friendships.  We heard about the fun activities that the mentors and mentees do together from going to the park and local museums to jazz cafes, shows and festivals and about what their friendships mean to them.

From the mentors’ side it was evident just how rewarding the experience can be with the chance to explore London from a different perspective, have lots of fun together and make a difference to a child facing difficulties.  Mentors spoke readily about how much they get out of being a mentor and also about the importance of being committed.

Mentees loved the opportunity to do things which they might not otherwise do, as well as having an adult who they trust to talk to and who listens to them.  It was very clear that they have a lot of fun exploring London together.

Our mentees, alongside their mentors, also collected their celebration certificates and a special gift card to mark the occasion. 

David Holmes, CEO, Family Action said: “I was delighted to attend this celebration event and witness how much these friendships mean to both the adult and child.  The celebration event is a chance to say a big thank you for the commitment of our volunteers and to celebrate just what these friendships mean on so many levels to all involved.”