Launching our unique mentoring service in Tower Hamlets

We are very pleased to announce that we will be expanding our service into the London borough of Tower Hamlets this month. The expansion is funded by monies received through our participation in ICAP Charity Day 2015.

In addition, we have received a grant of £7,016 from the People’s Postcode Trust to help us recruit volunteer mentors in the borough. We will be holding our first volunteer orientation evening in the area next Wednesday, and hope to attract lots of local residents interested in supporting disadvantaged young people within their community.

Tower Hamlets has a culturally diverse community, with pockets of deprivation and high unemployment alongside areas of extreme wealth. The borough has the highest levels of child poverty in the country, with 48.6% of children living below the poverty line.

There is a high prevalence of risk factors for poor mental health in Tower Hamlets, including deprivation, inequality, low levels of employment and less access to green space. The actual rate of people with mental health conditions is thought to be higher than the national prevalence rates.

With young people in the borough facing such challenges, and mental health services dealing with the impact of cuts, we are delighted by this opportunity to establish our unique mentoring service in the area, and bring long-term friendship with a safe, reliable adult into the lives of children and young people who desperately need more support.

The early intervention model of our mentoring service is proven to increase a young person’s emotional well being and build resilience, which reduces the risk of developing mental health problems, unemployment, substance misuse or involvement in criminal activity in the future.

Through friendship, our mentors provide young people with access to new opportunities, a more positive view of themselves and increased self-esteem, and a trusted friend who will is there to listen when they need someone to talk to.

If you or anyone you know would like to help us brighten the childhood and improve the life chances of a young person in in Tower Hamlets, or elsewhere, please visit our Volunteering pages to find out more about the role of a mentor. If you would like to attend the Volunteer orientation evening next week, please complete our short application form to receive details of how to book a place.