Make your resolution count and help make mentoring work

January. A brand new year and a brand new start for friendship. The leftovers have been eaten and it’s time for making and breaking resolutions for the year ahead.

This year, we’re encouraging all potential volunteers to think about making a resolution which will last. One you’ll stick to. A resolution to help someone else.

Apply to be a volunteer mentor with friendship works and you’ll be making a resolution to provide long-lasting friendship for a young person living in London who needs a positive adult role-model to meet up with regularly, give them some support, and brighten their childhood.

Many of the children and young people we work with haven’t had the chance to do simple things like visiting the cinema, or going on regular outings to the park. They haven’t been able to explore their potential, develop their own interests, or learn important life-skills for the future.

As a mentor, you’ll help a young person by listening to them, encouraging them, sharing ideas and opinions, and trying new things together. The young people we support grow in confidence, learn more about the world, and develop new hopes and aspirations for the future. And most importantly, you’ll both have fun doing it.

Join Friendship Works as a volunteer mentor, and help make mentoring work for more young people in 2013.

Because your resolution counts!

Find out more about mentoring with Friendship Works and sign up to attend one of our upcoming volunteer orientation evenings.