Les Trois Étapes: a French challenge for Friendship Works

From 29-31 July 2012, three teams of riders will take part in the ultimate cycle challenge to raise funds for Friendship Works. Les Trois Étapes. Tour de France winner 2008, Carlos Sastre, will lead a team of 15 cyclists on three alpine stages of the Tour de France. They will climb the most iconic Alpine routes in one of cycling’s most difficult and exciting challenges.

The team has been training hard for months to prepare for the event, organised by Cosaveli. Alongside the extreme physical challenge, our riders have also set themselves the ambitious fundraising target of £250,000 to provide more children across London with mentoring support.

Team captain Chris Milner, shares the reasons why Team Friendship Works has been inspired to take on the challenge:

Team Silver

Pro: Carlos Sastre
Chris Milner
Marshall Burnett
Jeffrey Resnick
Jerome Dunne
Tom Wrzecionowski

Team Green

Pro: Marcin Bialoblocki
David Land
Max Ramirez
Garrath Fulford
Megan Kenny
Marcel Koebeli

Team Purple

Pro: Barry Scott
David Kingdon-Jones
Cassra Schahbasi
Tony Coniglio
Phil Burt
Russell Stocker

“There are thousands of children and young people in London living really difficult lives. Many come from homes where they have seen domestic violence, seen the ‘brunt end’ of alcohol and substance abuse, or the severe impact that mental health illness can have on a family. Friendship Works sees children and young people who are ‘shut off’, who lock themselves in a world of their own.

“We expect that most people reading this will know London – whether you have visited or live here. These children are on our doorsteps and yet we probably don’t know that they are there – they need our help and we can change their lives!

“Friendship Works matches children with an adult mentor. Three weeks out of four they spend a few hours together having fun; going swimming, to the cinema or visiting an exhibition. These trips are often first time experiences for the children and young people and most importantly the child can talk to their mentor and build a trusting and supportive relationship. It’s very simple and it is transformative.

“There are currently over 100 children and young people who are in urgent need of an adult mentor. The Friendship Works Teams are working hard to raise funds which will enable us to train 35 new volunteers to mentor 35 children and young people.”

Friendship Works would like to thank everyone who has made Les Trois Étapes possible and particularly to our 15 dedicated riders for their incredible support and hard work – we wish you all the very best of luck.

A special thank you also goes out to Friendship Works corporate partner, The London Stock Exchange Group, for sponsoring all three teams.

And it doesn’t end when the race is over. You can see all the excitement of Les Trois Étapes in a 30 minute programme to be shown on Eurosport on Sunday 19 August at 17:45.