Gift of shares

Do you hold shares that are gathering dust and seem to be making little difference to you? Do you own shares that mean more paperwork than income?

You could turn these into something of real value to help us make a difference to children and young people in their childhood.

Why give shares to Friendship Works?

Giving shares is a highly effective way to support a charity: shares worth around £100 million are given to charities each year. They attract income tax relief, enjoy exemption from capital gains tax as well as bring tax relief benefits.

Examples of how it works:

  • For a basic rate taxpayer giving shares worth £1,000 can reclaim £200. To the donor, the cost would be £800 but to us, the value would be £1,000.
  • For a higher rate taxpayer giving shares worth £1,000, the cost to the donor would be £600.

How to give shares

There are a number of organisations to help guide you through the process. You can make a gift of shares in the name of Family Action as the charity you wish to benefit from the proceeds.

Organisations that can help include:

  • The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) provides a range of services to handle gifts of shares, both large and small.
  • Share Gift helps charities to process gifts of shares worth less than £200. Simply direct the shares through Share Gift and make a recommendation for the shares to be given to Family Action.