Workplace fundraising ideas

There are hundreds of ways to get your colleagues involved in fundraising for Friendship Works. From simple dress down Fridays, to swapping jobs, or organising your own bake-off, there’s something for every workplace.


Friday frolics

Games of childhood

Compete to be the fastest Rubik’s Cuber, the best Swingball player or the fastest on a Space Hopper.  Charge an entry fee to take part and offer a prize to the winner.

‘Back to your youth’ dress down

Come to work dressed in what you wore when you were 16. Everyone will be getting out those platforms, tank tops, shoulder pads and leg warmers to have a laugh at those youth fashion fads.

Swap jobs for a day

Put the boss on reception and the receptionist in the boardroom.

Silent disco

Get your groove on! Bring in your iPods or Smartphone and hold a ‘silent disco’ in one of the meeting rooms.


Lock the boss in a meeting room with just his or her mobile phone. Offer to release them when they have raised a set amount from all of their contacts.

Lazy lift

Fine colleagues £1 for using the lift rather than the stairs and get those legs working!

Spot the boss

Collect baby photos at 50p a go and pin them on a board to guess which is the boss.


Foodie fun


Everyone loves a piece of cake and some people are very competitive about baking! Charge colleagues per slice and ask them to mark each slice out of ten.

Guess the weight of the cake

Bake a cake and charge colleagues to guess the weight. Winner gets the cake.

Every day can be Pancake Day

Get creative with flavours and fillings. Promote by email and ask your local supermarket to donate the ingredients.


Lady luck


Following sport is always more fun when there’s a chance of winning something. Put the names of all the teams in a hat and charge employees to pick teams. Split the takings 50/50 between the winner and the charity.


Use your talents and those of your fellow colleagues to raise money. Employees from all levels offer their expertise, from an hour’s coaching with a work situation to cooking someone a meal or teaching them to play the guitar.


Everyone likes a flutter so why not run a raffle? See if your company have any tickets you could use to raise money for a good cause. Sport and music events are best.


Wine and wisdom

Wine tasting

Taste ten wines during an evening which is set to test your senses. Ask your local wine retailer to come and give three plausible explanations of grape variety and region for each wine. Teams compete to guess the correct explanation for each wine.

Lunch and learn

Research a subject and charge colleagues to hear you talk about it. Why not hire a meeting room for the event and offer refreshments for a fee?

Quiz time

See if the boss will be the quizmaster. Include a round on company knowledge to make it more personalised.