Top 10 fundraising ideas

Here are some ideas of how you can have fun and fundraise for Friendship Works:

  1. Hold a childhood party
    Play the old favourites: musical chairs, pass the parcel or egg and spoon racing.
  2. The baker
    Bake some cakes and sell them – simple!
  3. Dress up or down
    Pay to dress down for a day. If you don’t need to ‘dress up’ at work, why not have ‘dress down day’ with a twist – come fashioned as you would have been when you were in your teens.
  4. Take the stairs
    Take the stairs for a day. Fine colleagues if they use the lift.
  5. Office bike challenge
    Set up an exercise bike in reception and set up a challenge for the fastest to complete 10km.
  6. No swearing day
    Set up a swear box at work and raise a BLEEPing fortune.
  7. The Wii challenge
    Set up an office Wii challenge – charge teams to take part.
  8. Bad taste day
    Hold a bad taste day. Get colleagues to go to work in their worst tie, bad hair do or most garish clothes. If they refuse, get them to pay a fine.
  9. Give it up!
    Give up something for Friendship Works: whether smoking, drinking, chocolate, biting your nails, shaving…kick out those bad (or good) habits and raise money for your efforts!
  10. Organise a jailbreak
    Sponsor teams to set off from a real jail and drop them off at a mystery destination without money or a mobile phone. They must then blag their way back whilst raising money along the way!