Bella’s story

blog 2016About all the outings she goes on with her mentor

So when we first met what happened was Neil asked me questions about Stephanie. He asked me “would you like a girl or a boy for the mentor”. I said “I want a girl” and he said “what kind of girl do you want?” I said a funny one.

Me and Stephanie went to explore the world in London! My favourite place was the pottery and it was someone’s birthday. I made a princess.Stephanie’s favourite place was the Tate Modern. We copied the picture on the wall. The man said the picture that me and Stephanie were drawing was like the sea and the river. But me and Stephanie’s best best place was trampolining. I jumped down a big wall with soft little balls.

 Me and Stephanie went to the adventure playground. We had lots of fun. When I was jumping off the swing there was a net at the bottom so I couldn’t get hurt. And I got stuck climbing. Stephanie was worried!

We have also done pedalos. We crashed when we tried to reverse away from a duck in a nest laying an egg. I had to put a life jacket on because the water was higher than me.

I like having a mentor because they bring you out to lots of places and you have fun. I got a mentor because I like going places.

What we are doing now is we are writing a blog to you.

If you wonder what me and Stephanie are like – I have brown hair. Stephanie says I am very funny and kind and good at writing. I think I am kind to my friends and a good girl! Stephanie has ginger hair. She brings good snacks. I think she is funny and pretty.

Me and Stephanie both like drawing and writing. We both like Victoria sponge cake especially me!

Me and Stephanie will tell you what we would like to be when we are older: I want to be a singer. Stephanie will like to be a lady with a dog!