Mentors encourage creativity

This blog entry was written by Celina, who has been a caseworker with Friendship Works for four years. 

As a caseworker at Friendship Works I support a budding friendship between Zachary and Amanda, who have known each other for 4 months now.

Zachary is 14 years old and is a really creative young man. During his time with Amanda he has been able to explore his creative side in a variety of ways and since meeting they have written a short story together, taken and edited photographs along the South Bank and written a new set of lyrics to a Calvin Harris song.

It’s been really important for Zachary to have someone to focus on his interests and take the time to introduce him to new skills. He told me he likes doing the story and song writing with Amanda because it’s fun, and also educational. Here are two extracts from the story they wrote together entitled:


‘Alien Invasion on Earth’

…The aliens have long legs, short arms, T-rex heads and metal armour. They are ten feet tall. Spike and Jen turn round, slowly, and walk away making no sound. They ride their bikes to raise the alarm with friends and family.

The aliens start to fight back and just as Spike and Jen were worried that something was going to happen, the SAS arrived to help and they capture them by lowering a dome over the aliens and setting off smoke bombs to knock them out.

Next, the aliens were taken to the Science Museum to be experimented on by scientists who find out that their body armour was hiding normal sized aliens who used the armour to protect them from oxygen which disintegrates their skin!…


….Inside Spike works out how to shut down the security system of the ship. Then, not to be detected yet, set an Electromagnetic pulse to shut down everything on the ship except the engine. Before the dome is completely lowered Spike sees a gap at the top of the ship and used his jet pack that was under his hoodie to escape with his bike, just in time before the dome lowered and they squashed the aliens. As he came out of the dome, everyone came out of their houses to congratulate him on saving the world. Spike felt extremely ecstatic like walking on air.

The next day Spike is playing Xbox, then suddenly he has a knock at his door. Not expecting anything he goes to check it, he sees a man wearing black and says “Spike, we have a job for you at the government. If you want to know more turn up at the side entrance of St Paul’s at midnight tomorrow”. And he mysteriously turns around and goes, Spike turns to look, and he’s already gone.

The End.