Building a strong board of trustees

In his final blog for Trustee’s Week, Friendship Works Chair George Dunnett focuses on board recruitment and the importance of getting the right mix of skills.

Iain, our CEO, has helpfully reminded me today that one of my actions from the last board meeting was to consider what skills we need to add to the board during our next trustee recruitment round. I am emailing Jane (our Vice-Chair) and Jo (our Company Secretary) who are the other members of the nominations sub-committee to arrange a time for us to get together and agree what we want and how we’re going to get it.

So, what are we looking for? We already have some great experience on the board in child support and social work, finance, charity management, fundraising, legal issues, strategy and community affairs but there are gaps that we need to fill. We will discuss as a group but the obvious gap is around communications, PR and marketing. We could always do with additional child support and financial experience. And, given my thoughts earlier in the week, perhaps now is time to get more explicit about recruiting a High Net Worth individual to the board, or at least someone who has a big network of HNW’s.

If you are interested in joining our Board of Trustees, get in touch by emailing with a brief outline of what skills and experience you would bring to the role.

This is my last blog entry this week. It’s been a good exercise to step back and think about what I’m doing during the week. The topics of CEO recruitment, fundraising and trustee recruitment this week are definitely some of the bigger ones that a Chair deals with but hopefully give a flavour for the role.