Make your resolution count: make mentoring work in 2013

There is something exciting about the start of a New Year. The highs and lows of last year are consigned to history as we embark on a new chapter. We don’t know what the New Year will bring, but we hope for great things. It is a time when we think about what we would like to change and make resolutions to help us achieve it. Often, these resolutions focus on self-improvement – gyms always report a surge in membership in January and diet books fly off the shelves. Alternatively, we make vague resolutions to ‘be a better person’ but struggle to know what that means.

So here’s our idea.  This year, Friendship Works is calling on you to make a resolution that counts. Instead of making plans for self-improvement, help us to improve the lives of more young people by volunteering as a mentor or encouraging your friends to do so.

Let’s make mentoring work

This month, we are calling on people to become mentors with Friendship Works. If you have been thinking about volunteering as a mentor, why not make 2013 the year that you make it happen. You don’t need to sign up right away – come along to an orientation evening where you can hear more about what skills and attributes our mentors need. Fill in our short online application form to get details about how to book a place.

If you are not able to commit to mentoring yourself, but know someone who you think would make a great mentor, see if they would be interested in attending an orientation event to find out more.

Help us spread the word about mentoring this month – share our Facebook posts or follow us on Twitter and re-tweet our messages about mentoring.  Together, we can make mentoring work.